The product benefits are simple –  high performance, concentrated and packs a punch. Not only that, all products are formulated with complete transparency. 

Why should I use the INSKIN NAKED Skincare range?

All you need for a full and complete skincare routine are a total of four products. These products between them will cleanse, nourish, hydrate and lock in moisture. It’s simple to purchase plant oils however it’s the inspired blending that creates our results-driven products.

Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

Very much so. We’re aware that skin sensitivity is on the increase. There can never be a guarantee that all our products are suitable for everyone. Unquestionably, having a ‘Less Than Ten’ ingredient policy, only using 100% plant extracts and using non-irritant ingredients ensures skin sensitivity is minimised.

Do INSKIN NAKED products contain an SPF?

No. For sound reasons. We’d love to add an SPF and indeed will as soon as we feel there is a suitable option. However, currently there is no suitable SPF that fits the INSKIN NAKED ethos and we’re still not 100% confident about SPF ingredients safety, toxicity or the possible high skin irritation levels often reported. We recommend long clothing, sunhats and keeping out of the sun. Realistically we understand this isn’t always possible and we’d recommend you check out the Environmental Working Group’s website on current sunscreen information

Why should I use the INSKIN NAKED Wellbeing Range?

It’s highly likely you’re wishing to move away from using medication or wish to have a natural product working alongside your current medication. The use of essential oils offers outstanding results. INSKIN NAKED’s Wellbeing success is due to the positive effect felt by the limbic system (smell) after receiving the positive aromatic signals from the essential oils. Walt Disney was one of the first people to fully understand the power of aroma and had a confectionary fragrance pumped into the air at Disneyland to increase sales!

What preservatives do you use and how long does the product last?

As our products don’t contain water, no preservatives are needed. The presence of water leads to adverse microbial activity (the creation of harmful bacteria). Accordingly, it’s imperative that no water enters the product so INSKIN NAKED needs to work hand in hand with you in order to offer this unique preservative free system. Our jars and bottles are either airless vacuum vessels; pump dispensers; pipette droppers; narrow neck or include a dispensing applicator.  This enables you the customer, to use our products without introducing water ensuring there is no microbial activity.

Do you provide samples?

Yes. We’re aware that INSKIN NAKED is a niche independent label and that you may not have heard of us. At £1.50 per sample (free p&p) this allows you the opportunity to try before you buy.

Any further questions?

Just complete the contact form and one of the seriously talented Clean Ingredient Connoisseurs will get back to you.

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