Anyhdrous Products

Anhydrous products…

fab, what are they I hear you say?


That’s the crux of it. The result though, is what makes INSKIN NAKED special. Due to being waterless,  INSKIN NAKED produce the purest and most potent of products making them perfect for you.


As no water is present, we don’t need to use preservatives. This certainly is brilliant news as preservatives (particularly parabens), have a bad press due to their potential health issues.

Not only that, we don’t need synthetic or ‘naturally derived’ (which aren’t that natural) ingredients. No emulsifiers, thickeners, pH balancers, no SLS, no parabens, no lanolin, no phthalates, no propylene glycol, no alcohol, no foaming agents, no synthetic fragrance, no gluten, no colourants, no petrochemicals, no DEA, TEA or PEGs.

INSKIN NAKED anhydrous products are not heated when blended. This results in pure products without heat degradation.


As the range is waterless, INSKIN NAKED have room to add 100% extra natural & organic nutrients than any cream on the market.

We also adhere to a ‘Less Than Ten’ ingredient policy. Accordingly, this ensures purity and potency whilst avoiding toxic overload.


INSKIN NAKED is the perfect solution as each product is a stand-alone solution or can be incorporated into your current skincare routine.

So Why Isn’t Every Brand Anhydrous?

Unquestionably without water, product development isn’t easy. When you’re working with both oil and water, it’s straightforward to keep adding other ingredients. Consequently, thickeners improve texture; alcohol allows an instant drying effect and synthetic softeners ensure the product glides over the skin. The INSKIN NAKED method means if a preparation doesn’t work it’s binned and we start again. We will not compromise our products by adding more ingredients until it’s ‘right’.


Are INSKIN NAKED Products Easy To Use?

Yes, they are ……

  1. Always add water to the skin first. Significantly, this allows the oil to glide over the skin. The water evaporates and therefore there’s no need to worry about wasting the oil.

  2. Being remarkably concentrated means you only need to use a few drops of the product. Decidedly, this makes our products cost-effective to use.

  3. Our products are bespoke. Adjust the drops of oil used depending on the weather seasons and the needs of your skin. As a matter of fact, this is also how your current cream works. Beauty brands add more oil with less water for winter products and more water with less oil for summer products.