Corporate Gifting

B2B Pulse Point


Option 1 - White Labelling

We can enable you to deliver your brand differentiation by connecting emotionally with your customers.

You'll be able to offer your customers/clients an outstanding wellbeing product without the cost, hassle or headache of starting from scratch.

We've sorted all the nuts and bolts for you resulting in a massive shortcut so you reap the rewards promptly.

We'll send samples to you, then when you've made a choice, you can send us your logo. Your Pulse Point will ooze happiness and will be with you within a fortnight.


  • Initial 24 units £328

  • Subsequent 24 units £238 (£9.50 per unit)

  • After signing off artwork, products will be despatched within 14 days

Option 2 - Bespoke Branding

We offer a superb low-cost bespoke blending opportunity for your own label branded gift / VIP product Pulse Point. 

You will be instrumental in the overall development and design of your own unique 100% natural Pulse Point, developed to evoke strong memories of your brand through aromatherapy essential oils. 

The Pulse Point will be branded under your own business name.


  • Initial 24 units £428 (includes all legalities and labelling)

  • Subsequent 24 units £228 (£9.50 per unit)

  • We’ll despatch four testers for you to smell and appraise. If you'd like us to tweak the blend, no problem, we allow one FREE amendment. Further amendments are charged at £10 each

  • We will then submit your formula to our pharmacologist who will conduct EU compliance testing

  • After signing off artwork and your signature blend, your products will be dispatched within 14 days 

  • We’ll also send you a confidentiality agreement so you can rest assured that the created blend is unique to you

How it all works

We understand this is about you - not us.

At INSKIN NAKED we relish a good natter, so just give us a ring and ponder aloud. We'll chat through the best option for you. If we’re busy blending, we’ll get back to you very quickly. It's okay for you simply to chat and we’re happy to offer you the benefit of our expert advice. We adore creating and blending at our base in Yorkshire. After 20 years experience, it's in our blood.

If you'd rather make the initial enquiry by email, no problem.

Lizzy (Co-founder) 01422 208888 email

Rocco (Co-founder) 01422 208888 email

"We have complete confidence that this is a service which will delight you and enhance your own brand"

One Of Our Projects

Stella was looking for a bespoke gift packaged in her own label to give as gifts to her VIP customers. Stella is the CEO of a company that specialises in healthy holidays and experiences.

Working alongside Stella, we created an exquisitely aromatic pulse point evoking happy holiday memories to be sent on a continual rolling programme to VIP holidaymakers upon their return. This has resulted in Stella's VIP customers often re-booking as they've been continually reminded of blissful memories.

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