Are Your Skincare Products Pure?

Are your skincare products as pure as you believe?

Hopefully, they are as such products provide the ultimate benefit and effectiveness for your skin.

It’s easy to find numerous natural products with utterly pure ingredients, but what about the finished product? When all these pure, raw and clean ingredients have been blended together, how pure are they then?

In a nutshell, cold pressed or natural CO2 extraction of organic plant ingredients result in the purest of all ingredients as they are subject to the minimum of processing.


Care needs to be taken when purchasing products with cold pressed or CO2 extracted ingredients as cold pressed ingredients do not automatically mean the final product is cold pressed. Using cold pressed ingredients to produce beauty products then blending with water, preservatives, emulsifier, pH balancers using chemicals and extreme heat negates all the wonderful benefits the original cold pressed ingredients had.

A totally pure beauty or skin care product needs to be developed using cold pressed or CO2 extracted pure plant ingredients, with no synthetic additives that are then blended together without extreme heat.

Sounds simple enough, so why aren’t all beauty and skin care products cold pressed?

It’s so incredibly difficult to achieve. Virtually 98% of skin care products are made from a mixture of oil and water and as we know they’re not happy bed mates. The only way to make oil and water blend and stay blended is to include emulsifiers, pH balances, thickeners and often many other additives then heat them at length at high temperatures. The end result is a wonderful fluffy easy to use beauty product which will not ‘separate’ but now contains substantially degraded pure ingredients.

Plant purity is essential for outstanding natural beauty products.


There are two types of ingredients. Natural ones from nature that are extracted from plants and synthetic ones produced in a laboratory. In this blog, I’m only considering the quality of natural plant ingredients.

Extraction Of Pure Plant Oil

This is the method of creating pure plant oil from plant material such as jojoba, apricot kernel and rosehip and pure essential oils such as lavender, rose and geranium. Plant oils are used in skin care for their nutrients, vitamins, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidant properties.


  1. Chemical Extraction

The most popular manufacturing method uses chemical extraction with solvents at high temperatures. Solvent extraction is achieved through the grinding of the plant material which is then washed with a solvent (usually hexane) which releases the oil in the plant. The solvent is then heated to 100 degrees centigrade to theoretically leave no residual solvent, however, microscopic amounts usually remain in the extracted oil.

The downside of this chemical solvent extraction method is crucial nutrient benefits are lost.

  1. Cold Pressed Extraction

The Cold press process of extraction involves pressing and grinding the fruit, leaves or seeds which forces the required oil out. This pressing and grinding does create frictional heat of approximately 40 degrees centigrade which is just above body temperature. To be classified as cold pressed, the temperature must stay below 49 degrees centigrade.

  1. CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is most often used with the highest quality essential oils. Until recent years, the only available natural extraction of essential oils was steam distillation where steam is used to rupture the oil membranes in the plant and release the essential oil.

Plant material is placed in a container, heat is applied, steam occurs then eventually condenses. The lighter essential oil floats on top of the water where it is separated.

Due to production costs steam distillation is still the most popular natural extraction method, however, there can be some degrading of the oil due to the heat applied.

Over the past decade, CO2 extraction has been developed creating a far superior natural method of extraction. CO2 extracts are produced by placing plant material such as leaves, roots, bark, wood, flowers and seeds into a sterile steel drum. This drum is a part of a closed system completely devoid of heat, light and oxygen. CO2 is added and the drum is then spun with the plants’ therapeutic properties being collected.

Plant oil extracted with CO2 (carbon dioxide which you’re breathing out right now) is the purest method of extraction as no heat or chemical solvents are used.

Blending To Create A Pure And Effective Finished Beauty Product

It’s easy to understand the importance of using a beauty product containing the purest ingredients.

What happens next though is crucial. Just imagine purchasing a locally grown organic head of broccoli. You know this is nutritionally at its peak.

You then go home, boil the broccoli for an hour, notice it has lost a little of its green colour but rectify it by adding E104 (green food colouring) and then a dollop of preservatives as you don’t intend eating it straight away.

It’s not rocket science to understand the organic benefits with the absolute freshest of nutrients are now lost. It may look the real deal, but that original head of broccoli has lost its crucial potent benefits.

Now let’s get back to the blending of the pure ingredients to create a beauty or skin care product.

When the stunning array of pure plant ingredients are nicely lined up in the skin care laboratory, what happens next is crucial.

As I pointed out at the beginning of this blog, over 98% of skin care products are made from a mixture of oil and water and the easiest way to blend them is adding a cocktail of chemicals then heating often up to 90 degree centigrade.

Blending oil and water poses so many problems in retaining purity without using heat. This results in very few companies working towards achieving a beauty product using frictional heat only (40 degrees centigrade or less).


Ultimately there are two areas that need to be considered when seeking a pure skin care or beauty product:

  • The quality of each raw pure ingredient

  • The quality of the finished beauty product after the blending process

Here at INSKIN NAKED we’ve cracked it – completely.

As none of our products contain water, we don’t need to work with chemicals, emulsifies or heat. Stirring is just fine.


INSKIN NAKED products are:

  • Created from pure ingredients which have been cold pressed or C02 extracted without heat or chemicals

  • These raw ingredients have been blended together without the use of heat or chemicals

  • All INSKIN NAKED ingredients are 100% plant material making it incredibly potent and utterly unique

Would you like to experience a new floral language with an aromatic bouquet amidst precious, pure cold pressed plant ingredients? If so, you’ll be delighted with our light textured outstanding 100% pure facial oil, with heart notes of rose and frankincense will seduce the senses whilst offering an exceptional triple action for absolute synergy.

It’s pure through and through, blended in small batches from our blending studio in the heart of Bronte Country, Yorkshire.


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