Geranium Oil For Wrinkles

Using Egyptian geranium oil for wrinkles is sensational as it combats and assists in their reduction.

Geranium is a sophisticated essential oil with an exquisite aroma. With a rose and apple bouquet that lingers for many hours after usage, it is incredibly popular within both the beauty and perfumery industries. Geranium has been a popular choice for many centuries and was particularly favoured by Egyptian’s to promote radiant, healthy and youthful skin.

As we all know first impressions count and as our face is continually on show, many of us choose to diminish the outcomes of the natural ageing process. I suspect most of us would prefer to be initially judged by our intellect and integrity, but sadly this does not often happen.

Wrinkles are a natural part of ageing yet cause concerns for many women as their appearance is an outward sign of ageing whilst internally it’s the old adage of ‘you are as young as you feel’.

If you’re keen to tackle wrinkles in a natural and holistic manner, the first crucial steps are to quit smoking, keep out of the sun, cut down on caffeine and drink plenty of water. After these crucial steps, then consider using Egyptian geranium oil for wrinkles.

As geranium oil is astringent, its ability to contract and tighten sagging skin will, therefore, minimise the appearance of wrinkles. Don’t worry, geranium oil can be used on all skin types due to its outstanding skin balancing properties.

INSKIN NAKED has developed a stunningly aromatic and highly effective facial oil which is very much their flagship product. Egyptian geranium oil is one of only nine ingredients within this facial oil and no ‘nasties’ are included. Even better, samples are available for you to try.


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