Preservative Free Skincare Products

After a Google search, I now know such a thing rarely exists.

Oh, the joy – I felt as my INSKIN NAKED products really are 100% preservative free.

I believe I’m the only company in the UK not using any preservatives at all in the full product range.

It’s not some new science based concoction I’ve created, it’s very simple indeed; my product range is anhydrous (waterless)..

No water, therefore, equals no need for a preservative.

INSKIN NAKED The preservative free range

Rest assured, as a Yorkshire lass I’m not filling your bottle with any water, preservatives, thickeners, pH balancers, additives or any other nasties. I simply (and lovingly) squeeze the maximum amount of truly active ingredients into each bottle our pharmacologist legally allows me to. They’re highly concentrated and amazingly effective.

It was back in the late 1990’s when I became aware that customers were falling out of love with the preservative parabens and from a commercial point of view that’s not so good for us manufacturers. Indeed up until 2003 I was making creams using parabens as the preservative of choice as it was very much an industry standard.  At that point, we had a number of heavy going meetings to discuss in which direction the company should go.

The decision to stop using parabens was easy but I was incredibly uncomfortable about choosing a different preservative. Without getting too technical a preservative needs to have a broad spectrum role (it’s job is to patrol your cream looking for and dealing with all the nasty microbes which may negatively affect your product and health).

Truth be told, nothing seemed as good as the parabens family.

At that time, other companies were layering preservatives into products in the hope this would resolve the problem they were experiencing.

Imagine a little dollop of a few different preservatives type ingredients building upwards. The tower only gets higher, not wider and that’s not a broad spectrum. Not only that, a lot of companies started using ‘natural’ preservatives which were very limited in their abilities to preserve or choosing non-preservatives such as alcohol.

Admittedly adding up to 30% alcohol will nicely protect your product from microbes but it won’t be so cracky for your skin.

Then came INSKIN’s most radical business decision in 2003. Scrapping nearly all the product range and only keeping the oil based ones we already had, we created a new set of products without water to celebrate our new standing as being preservative free.

Did I make the right decision?

Yes, yes, yes I did.

It feels great knowing I’ve made your life far easier. You don’t have to spend time wading through the INSKIN NAKED website reading the ingredients list to check on the preservatives used.

Simple, no preservatives, ever…


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