Rose Oil For The Face?

Organic Moroccan rose oil helps with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

Additionally,  rose oil is cell regenerating, high in vitamins and crucially when created into the facial oil is a remarkable anti-oxidant. This is why rose oil is so good for your face.

The INSKIN NAKED Pro-Ageing Facial Oil has nine sublimely aromatic and highly effective ingredients with the principal ingredient being Moroccan organic rose oil. Moroccan organic rose oil with its Berber and Arabic influences is a superb age-defying ingredient and has been used in skincare since the earliest cold cream, a recipe recorded by the Greek physician, Galen, in the second century.

This Moroccan organic rose oil works in conjunction with the other ingredients used in INSKIN NAKED Pro-ageing Facial Oil and forms the cornerstone of botanical skincare and lies at the heart of this face oil.

True rose oil has a high price tag due to its incredibly labour intensive production methods. Harvesting of flowers is done by hand in the morning before sunrise and it’s not unusual in the Northern African Moroccan countryside homes to see whole rooms knee-deep in rose petals.

Many people will be quite shocked at just how much work is involved in the production of the highest quality organic Moroccan rose oil – it takes 7500 rose petals to produce just one spoon of rose oil.

From these truly exotic flavours, handpicked from the Kingdom of Morocco, INSKIN NAKED are proud to include this superior organic rose oil within our flagship face oil.
Infuse your body and mind with the floral aroma of INSKIN NAKED Pro-ageing Facial Oil and enjoy its light texture and pure, natural ingredients – let the delicate power of the rose oil work wonders – it truly is ‘good for your face’.


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