3 Rules For Choosing natural Skincare Products

Why natural skin care products?

We are all aware that what we eat affects our body but it has become as important to be aware of what we put on our body. Years ago, it was believed that nothing was absorbed through the skin and only toxins and sweat were dispelled through the skin.

We now know that isn’t true.

The skin does absorb certain products with essential oils being readily able to be absorbed. How essential oils are absorbed is quite complex.

Just consider what popular drugs are absorbed through the skin – hormone replacement and nicotine patches to name a few.

The average woman over 60 years absorbs over 30lb (14kg)  of moisturising/ face cream products into her bloodstream. That figure truly warrants each and every one of us reconsiders exactly what we should put on our skin.

So let’s consider my three golden rules for choosing natural skincare products.

Rule 1 – Consider ingredients

Nature offers wonderful, natural and effective plant ingredients that can be ecologically harvested year after year.  I personally would steer away from the new wonder plants (often from the Amazon rainforest) which appear frequently on products. (Please note this is my personal opinion along with my thoughts below).

I have concerns that:

  • possibly not enough research has been carried out on the newly found plant

  • there is not enough feedback on how ecologically the area has been harvested

Considering we have access to plants that have a full history in natural skincare and good technical data regarding their safety, why use new plants until they have been thoroughly investigated? It’s simply not needed.

I think the following aromatherapy oils all sound quite lovely –

aniseed,  boldo leaf, calamus,  casia, costus, elecampane, fennel , jaborandi leaf, origanum, pennyroyal, rue,  sassfras, savin, savory, tansy, thuja, wintergreen

But  lovely as they sound,  through thorough testing over a long period of time, we now know them to be hazardous and must never be used in natural skincare.

Do you really feel the need to use ‘newly found plants’ when there are numerous well researched plants  with excellent proven benefits and a strong historical background already available?

Rule 2 – Consider preservatives

A lot has been published about the harmful effects of preservatives. I have mixed views about this. It is very important to understand that if a product contains water (usually labelled as aqua) then it MUST contain a preservative.

Without a preservative, bacteria growth will commence within a few days of first opening the product. There are many preservatives available, but most have had a bad press, but it still must be present if the product contains water/aqua.

There are natural preservatives such as grapeseed extract, but they do not have a ‘broad spectrum’ and indeed contain a little parabens. Broad spectrum means the preservative will prevent all bacteria not just a small amount which makes it ideal for a wide range of natural skincare products.

I’ve resolved the problem at INSKIN. I do not produce products containing water, therefore, avoiding the need for preservatives.

Rule 3 – Consider fragrance

I adore my natural skincare products as they all have a distinct and sublime aroma. We all know of the wonderful memories certain aromas evoke. Having a wonderful aromatic product truly makes it much more luxurious.

My aroma’s certainly do not come from synthetic fragrances though.

Synthetic fragrances may have up to 200 ingredients and sadly they do not have to be individually labelled. Many of these synthetic fragrances are petroleum based which are not environmentally friendly. There are products that are fragrance free but smell-masking chemicals may have been added. This is not a problem at INSKIN NAKED. We simply use no chemicals so you’re not left trying to work out the role of any chemicals or ingredients which are not familiar to you.

All the aroma’s at INSKIN NAKED are from pure essential oils only. If you’re not familiar with pure essential oils then you’re missing out on such wonderful smells. Pure essential oils bear no resemblance to air fresheners, washing powders etc. The aroma of pure essential oils is so ‘real’.

It’ll be great to have your thoughts on your rules for choosing natural skincare products.

Do you read the labels?

Are you wary of preservatives?

Do you avoid artificial fragrances?


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