The Best Indie Beauty Brands

Indie beauty brands are cruelty free, ethically sourced and organic.

Additionally, indie beauty brands are niche and independent. They are always professionally formulated (meaning in Britain they are EU compliant and registered).

Indie beauty brands are out there but are often hard to find and to help these very special brands Jillian Wright, an American celebrity beautician co-founded the Indie Beauty Expo.

This international exhibition was born out of Jillian’s frustration that there wasn’t a serious platform for small luxury indie beauty brands to showcase their products to buyers, consumers, press and media. There’s such a gap in the market for scaled-down handcrafted batches, being professionally produced using organic, vegan, sustainable and containing unprocessed clean ingredients only.

It’s time to shout from the rooftops about indie beauty.

Jillian states of her own indie brand ‘The benefit is not only for the skin but also for our environment.  We use less soil, water, energy and absolutely no pesticides or chemicals.  We combine these ingredients with organic and natural ingredients.  I chose to work with a laboratory because I trust their ability to do microbial testing and ensure the quality of my products’.

Even though I have a great reputation and now a skincare line, I found it incredibly difficult to get in front of the right buyers who would appreciate my line and the effort it took to get it to market.  I was very confused at all the trade shows that were available to me.  None of them delivered what I needed.  I don’t have the time or the money to gamble on not knowing if the show was going to work’.

Here at INSKIN NAKED we definitely fit into the indie beauty ethos. Established by myself, a qualified aromatherapist and ‘Clean ingredient connoisseur since 1996’, I’ve spent much time exploring and developing products with clean ingredients. Additionally, I spent a considerable amount of time with my inspirational father-in-law, Matthew, who is my mentor and able to offer a wealth of ingredient knowledge due to his background in the spice industry. He even introduced me to the Queen Mother’s soap-maker and Prince Charles’ fragrant oil adviser­.

In 1994 I became pregnant and it was very much a skincare nightmare. My skin became incredibly irritated yet I was wary of using skin care products whilst pregnant as I didn’t fully understand ingredient lists.

The company was born and my mission was quite simple. To be the taskmaster on your behalf to source, formulate and retail wholly pure, organic and clean products with less than ten ingredients. They are always preservative and cruelty free whilst remaining naturally and aromatically divine.

INSKIN consists of a skincare and wellbeing range developed and created by myself, overseen by Paul the Technical Director with his product development and quality assurance background and finally approved for the E.U. by our pharmacologist.

Our exquisite products are super fresh, crafted in small batches from within our blending studio here in the heart of Bronte Country, Yorkshire.

The uniqueness of the INSKIN NAKED range lies in being anhydrous (waterless).

This is crucial as no water results in:

No preservatives

No emulsifiers

No synthetic chemical

No product being heat treated

Only plant active ingredients

As an independent (100% owned) indie brand, we adhere to a set of stringent ethics:

  • We work wisely towards keeping harmony with the environment and respecting the rights of our workers whilst continually striving for absolute product quality and purity.

  • INSKIN aim to drive the beauty, skincare and wellbeing industry towards complete transparency and halt the practice of greenwashing. The term ‘greenwashing’ was coined in the 1980’s to describe scandalous business’ environmental claims. Three decades later it’s prevalent within skincare companies who claim ethical, organic and green products with negligible quantities included. 

  • All our products and process’ adhere to the Vegan Society Standards.

  • INSKIN does not and shall not conduct, commission, or be a party to animal testing of any INSKIN product.

  • INSKIN only use oil merchants who personally meet the growers and producers, and ensure there is care for the environment and fair conditions for their workers.

  • INSKIN buys from small-scale producers with ethical plantations.    

  • INSKIN never use palm oil due to the threat to the rainforests of Central Africa.

  • Where feasible all packaging is from recycled paper/card sourced in the UK / EU in accordance with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). This guarantees that the trees that are harvested are replaced in an ethical manner or allowed to regenerate naturally.

·         90% of all products are packaged in recyclable glass which in turn can endlessly be recycled.

·         The 3 R’s are always adhered to – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

·         All INSKIN NAKED ingredients are 100% natural, organic and ethical adhering to the Natural Ingredient Resource Centre.

·         No INSKIN NAKED product contains artificial fragrance.

·         No INSKIN NAKED products contain any synthetic ingredients.


Perhaps the true measure of indie beauty is the continual innovation from the entrepre­neurs.

All of the INSKIN team are exceptional entrepre­neurs, we’re a game changer, producing uncompromising products of high performance and supreme quality.

It also helps to know our products are made with love and sincerity.

Are we the best indie beauty UK brand? We’re certainly the purest.


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