Outstanding Value For Money


What Makes INSKIN NAKED Outstanding Value For Money?

Our products go a long, long way as such a small amount is needed.  Each product will last approximately 3 months. Not bad eh?

Why Do I Need Such A Small Amount?

It’s concentrated – seriously concentrated.

How Can You Make It So Concentrated?

Simple really, we don’t add anything to the product unless it has a benefit to the skin.

Don’t Creams Do That?

Creams include many fab plant oil ingredients, however, as cream is 50% water and up to 30% synthetic ingredients, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for plant oil ingredients.

So, INSKIN NAKED Products Really are Value For Money Then?

Certainly. Plus they’re versatile. If you’re new to plant oil only products, start by adding 1 drop of oil to your current cream.  This will supercharge the product leaving your skin super silky smooth with oodles of added nutrients.