“The facial oil is the most amazing thing ever! I have super dry skin and have never found a moisturiser that leaves my skin feeling good for the whole day, but this does the job!!”


“I have been using this product for several weeks and I love it! My skin has improved in feel and texture. I also use it on the back of my hands which get dry in cold weather. It has made a noticeable difference to the skin and nails. Friends have remarked how well I look.

A small bottle lasts a long time and represents excellent value for money. I shall definitely continue to use it.”


“I was unsure about using a facial oil initially as I have a tendency towards oily skin, but actually, the anti-ageing oil is fantastic. I use it at night on my face and neck and my skin looks radiant and even a little plumper. I love the fact that these products are pure with no nasties and they smell divine.”


“Clinging desperately onto my youth, with two hands is a full-time job, believe it or not. Fortunately, this product gives me the extra bit of help I could use. Not being a fully fledged dandy who likes to bathe himself in the latest designer fragrances, I prefer the more natural earthy smells. This has it in spades (see what I did there?), the lemongrass and basil cut through nicely to give a pleasant, fresh aroma which has a nice long lasting presence.

Best of all, when applying after shaving, you’re not left with the feeling of having weasels and wasps fighting it out on your face. Which is only a good thing? Your skin feels better, smoother and generally better than it did five minutes earlier. I’d recommend this oil to anyone. It’s even nice to use in between shaves.

So in summary; – if you want to have a pleasant aroma and a smooth pain-free shave experience – use this. If you’re some kind of sadomasochistic lunatic who likes the feeling of having his face turned inside out after each shave – stick to Hugo Boss”


“Due to the nature of my job I have to spin many plates, manage a hectic travel schedule and think about lots of things the same time which gives my brain a ‘painful fog’. The Focus pulse point is fantastic for helping to clear that fog, get rid of a headache and allows me to think clearly. I keep it in my handbag at all times.”


“Just over three years ago age 65 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and as part of my treatment, I was prescribed a cancer drug which made me have symptoms similar to the menopause.

I have hot flushes and I noticed the skin on my cheeks seemed rougher to the touch.

I began to use INSKIN NAKED Sincerely Soothing Facial Oil and my facial skin now seems much calmer and smoother to the touch.

The itching I experienced has also subsided.”


“It was when I was away on a business trip that I wished for a product like this. Something that would settle my mind and help me sleep but was small enough to carry in my hand luggage and not leak everywhere. It was only when I mentioned to Lizzy that I wished such a product existed that she told me that they had, in fact, produced one. Now I take it everywhere with me and despite sleeping in many different beds each week, the deep sleep pulse point always ensures I have a restful, deep sleep.”


“Found the fragrance very pleasant – black pepper, basil, rosemary and eucalyptus is a
good combination. Once in the bath, I found the oil nicely energising.”


“An ideal solution for that midweek feeling. I found the smell spicy, even peppery with a little of the ‘earthy’ smell as well. Overall very, very pleasant.

After a nice relaxing 15min soak my skin felt better/ smoother even. I definitely felt the benefit of the oil, whether it was the aroma, the hot ( bath, a combination of both perhaps.”


 “I opened the bottle and smelled the contents and wow! It was just heavenly; a lovely combination of feminine floral roses with a delicious hint of lemon.
I always apply my face oils after I have cleansed and I apply the oil while my face is still damp as then any moisture is captured and I find the oil goes further and sinks in quickly.”


“Have been using this product for three weeks and am amazed that just a few drops of it can make such a difference to my skin. I was very sceptical at first but my lady noticed an almost immediate effect and pointed it out to me. Thank you.”


“I enjoy relaxing in the INSKIN NAKED Refresh Bath Soak and Shower Oil and I found it especially beneficial in helping me wake up in the morning.”


“Ah, Wednesday – must be bath night! Tonight it was the turn of Frankincense, Ginger and Sweet Orange (which sounds like a 60’s pop group) bath soak and shower oil soak.

Wow, it was like taking a slow trip along the spice trail. The warm, calming aromas whisked me away from suburbia and put me somewhere a damn sight more interesting. I’m not sure what Frankincense is supposed to smell like but the sweet spicy smell of the Orange and Ginger made for a cracking fragrance with super smooth skin to boot.”


“I never thought I would find myself writing a review on a Facial Oil but I felt I just had to.
I have been using the oil as an aftershave and a skin feel good factor for a couple of months now and I love it.
The experience of applying the oil even makes me feel good.
The smell is just great.
The stinging when applied aftershave I was using has now gone from the bathroom cabinet not to be used again.
Well done INSKIN NAKED, I am almost ready for another long-lasting bottle.”