Why You Should Stop Using Palm Oil In Beauty Products.

Why Is Palm Oil Bad?

It’s just not good for the planet as it’s production creates far too much deforestation.

However, it’s great for manufacturers as it has so, so many uses and is an incredibly cheap raw ingredient. It’s found in everything from ice cream to face cream.

What’s So Great About Palm Oil?

Within the beauty industry, it is renowned for its great moisturising properties and humectant attributes (keeping the skin super hydrated) and there’s no question that it’s incredibly effective and such qualities will always be needed.

What’s Not So Good About Palm Oil?

Palm oil production has a devastating effect on climate change and this is why you should stop using palm oil in beauty products.

  • It’s estimated that deforestation contributes up to 20% of global warming.

  • Biodiversity is greatly affected. Although rainforests cover less than 6% of the Earth’s surface, rainforests house an estimated whopping 50% of the earth’s species of plants and animals.

  • Rainforest destruction affects the habitat of endangered species such as orangutans, elephants and tigers.

Let’s take steps to protect the rainforest.

Who’s The Expert  On Deforestation?

One of the leading charities who understands palm oil is bad and highlights the issues regarding the production of palm oil is the Rainforest Foundation.

The Rainforest Foundation protects rainforests by working with those who know the forest best – indigenous and forest peoples.

Beauty Products Containing Palm Oil

The Rainforest Foundation has worked incredibly hard to give a rating to all products containing palm oil through a ‘Best Buy, Caution Buy and Don’t Buy’ list. This comprehensive list contains beauty brands where palm oil is used and you may be surprised to know the following companies have made it onto their ‘Don’t Buy’ list:


Clinique, Origins, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Aveda, Estee Lauder, Avon, Clarins, Revlon, Rimmel.

Skin Care

Origins, La Mer, Aveda, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Holland and Barrett (aloe vera gel only) and Molton Brown.

It’s very difficult for you to know if a product does contain palm oil derived glycerine, as palm oil is the hidden ingredient with over 200 name titles.

 Do INSKIN NAKED Products Contain Palm Oil

INSKIN NAKED products don’t contain palm oil as it isn’t sustainable however we have two outstanding products containing a non palm oil derived glycerine. There are very few brands this innovative this and we’re proud to be a fore runner.

The INSKIN NAKED palm oil alternative glycerine, is sourced from the nut oil of the Karanja tree in India. Not only does it not contribute to rainforest deforestation, the Indian authorities promote the plantation of these trees as it is non-edible and therefore doesn’t divert the necessary food crops towards industrial use.

INSKIN has developed the following two products containing this ethical and organic glycerine. We have the outstanding Herbaceous Hydrating Cleanser and the Nourishing Neroli Night Balm.


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